The Spirit of Covid-19 … Fear

Funny thing … Fear showed herself to me in my dreams early this morning. It came in the form of a small girl, with the capacity of malevolent powers. Some of the time, she would appear normal in behavior … yet at other times would wield forces for the sole purpose to maime, injure and even kill through natural means. No manmade implements were needed.

She used animals to create havoc… I attempted to compromise with her, control or contain the extent to which she could directly hurt me or others. I even tried to kill her, right in her heart. It slowed her down, yet she rose again with the intent of getting back at me. The last time I saw the effects of her behavior, cats…hundreds of them appeared in  my town, attacking the domesticated cats who were pets.

Somehow I knew that they were headed for my house and were going to occupy my home where she was staying with me…I did not want to return… My question regarding symbology: why the girl and what about those cats?

Dream interpretation ideas from the web show two things:

(1) The girl – Negatively, a little girl may reflect an aspect of yourself that is easy to control or push aside. A sign that you are not being assertive enough or feel that someone else is making your decisions for you. Your tendency to easily submit or be compliant. Getting told what to do. 

(2) The cats –  If a dream cat is aggressive then it suggests that you have difficulty accepting reality or being objective. Forcing yourself to believe that your goals are impossible without objectively questioning it. A fear of having to race reality….

Pretty trippy stuff…

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