Wild Water

I think Water is the greatest alchemist of all on this blessed planet. Every living organism is comprised of Water. It surges in our oceans and rises from the labyrinthine sources beneath our feet. It is the single most element which connects all of life; and life cannot exist without it. Water is alive and energized. It initiates and drives all the processes of life.

The most important function of Water is to create a pathway, a chemical communication one might say, between cells and connective tissues. Water does this all the time, in all creatures no matter what. It magnificently creates an unseen, highly sensitive network throughout the fabric of Life. This network exists even between life on Earth and the Cosmos … everything is linked together by water….

Water’s structure is known to react to any irritation. Its molecules are organized in clusters that work as “memory cells,” so to speak. Within each memory cell there are 440,000 information panels that are responsible for the interaction with its environment. A complex and complicated element indeed! Recent studies have demonstrated that whatever Water hears, sees, and feels becomes a catalyst for its change. Water has the ability to copy, memorize and even transport this change into the World….

I have read that the archangel Gabriel is identified as the “Angel of Water”. He specializes in using the element of Water to communicate spiritual truth and aids in Healing the dross of illness and weariness often experienced in human Life. Modern healing thought embraces the idea that the element of Water has powerful auric and energy field cleansing abilities. Well…..the evidence from experiments performed Dr. Masaru Emoto have me convinced of the powers of Water….but not just any water.

In cities, the qualities of water “from the tap” have been adulterated through the addition of fluoride and other sterilizing chemicals. I am a lucky girl, we draw our Water from our own well. No centralized water distribution, no chemicals. I also live in an area where Water flows Wild from spring sources in the mountains down to the river basins in the valleys below. I choose the “full immersion” method where I completely cover myself with Water, and then seek to communicate with it in a direct way….offering tobacco or cornmeal with words of gentle Thankfulness and Blessing. When afloat, I can literally feel the shadows within me be carried away. When I Rise from the Waters, I feel Renewed. My limbs have Strength and my Heart is light…. Oh the Blessings of Water!

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