Spring Fevered…

“Spring Fever” is an old saying that describes a feeling of invigoration and restlessness associated with the arrival of warmer weather and the renewal of nature with the coming of Spring. I also believe it describes the powerful effect anticipation and longing have for these changes in the environment after enduring a long winter.

That is how I found myself today, longing for the arrival of sunshine and warmer temperatures to break the monotony of grey skies heavy with promise of rain and snow…

One can readily tell when the temps begin to warm and the soils release their icy grip. Look to the changing colors of willow branches along with the creek dogwood and wild rose. All of a sudden, a blush of color appears within the brown, dull landscape. Twigs the color of a newborn baby’s skin, and pink hues likened to a child’s cheek after playing in the fresh air, begin to rise. My emotional state always feels a bit lighter when seeing this, coupled with an adult knowledge that we have weeks to go before the blooming of the Hawthorn tree, or the appearance of the first wild violet.

I went outside today into the creeks and flooded fields to look for basket weaving materials. A fool’s venture of course, there are no young tender shoots to cut yet. What I came upon is what is called “last year’s growth”… slender branches bearing catkins and buds too thick and brittle to use in a basket. Yet my longing lead me outside…to observe the upcoming stormy changes in the atmosphere, and to be among the familiar features of my local landscape…sigh! All in all, a good afternoon….

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