Upcoming workshops I am offering at the Living in Wellness Center in Adin, CA this Spring

Saturday, March 16th 10-12 noon “Herbal teas, decoctions, oxymels and tinctures”. Workshop will cover information and techniques for creating healing elixir’s and tonics for Spring and Summer.

Saturday, March 30th 10-1pm “Fermentation 101” covering yoghurt, keifer, kombucha, fermented fruits and vegetables, and homemade sourdough starter….

Saturday, April 13th 10-1pm “Cooking with the Sun” a solar cooker workshop introducing box, parabolic, reflector and vacuum tube solar ovens and their use. Full instructions for making a homemade solar over will be included. Film and handouts….

May 27th and 28th (Saturday and Sunday) 10-2pm “The Wildcrafted Basket”. Saturday will be spent in identification and preparation of Wildcrafted Basket materials. Sunday will be spent in creation of the baskets with various weaving techniques…

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