The Healer of Woundedness…..Willow

I was visiting with some dear friends this past weekend and came upon a massive willow tree in their yard. The tree was huge, a native species that had stood in the floodplain of the creek all of its long life. I took special notice of a gaping wound located at the base of its thick trunk. Her Wound was located just above Her roots, and I reflected on all of the wounds inflicted on Women….from the past to the present. What I saw within the wounds of this magnificent tree, was the greatest potential for healing I have ever observed as an herb-wife in the plant kingdom.

The Willow tree is a potent, potent ally to women. Has been since ancient times. It is associated with the moon, water, the Goddess and all that is feminine. It is a tree of dreaming, intuition and deep emotions. Symbolically it belongs to the beginning of spring, and is directly related to the celebration of “Imbolc” in early springtime. The essential power of the Willow is to teach us about the Feminine, connect us to our feelings and enhances our capacity to dream. She does this to bring our emotions to the surface for healing. My favorite ancient herbalist, Culpeper, says in his Complete Herbal “The moon owns the willow” and it was known as the witches’ tree and the tree of enchantment. The Internet has volumes of information on this subject under “Willow folklore”….

I created this montage to Honor Her Spirit and great capacity for Healing our wounds as Women in this World…..

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