Another New Year ….

I was out walking in a place of quietness this New Years Day …. No people, no cars, no one but myself for miles around to take it all in. Just me and the merlins, or marsh hawks, out hunting for their supper. Open spaces clean out the pipes, so I say. The air strengthens me, pulling the dullness and dross from my Spirit created by an over dependence and indulgence in modern luxuries. The background hum from electricity, radio frequencies, and now 5G in our living environments  rattles my central nervous system and can make my ears ring. As a respite, I take the time to get outside away from such concentrated frequency bombardment.  I recommend you do too, everyday, come rain or come shine. Where else can one listen to the music of the bull rush and the cattail swaying surreptitiously in the afternoon wind? Bundle up, buckaroo ….

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