The Creative Void

Funny thing, “The Creative Void”…. I had no idea that I have been wandering in it’s embrace for a while now… I did not know why everything I choose to “lift” into expression is quietly put down. Writing, collage, social media, artistic expression or no expression… everything dropping from my fingertips. Nothing of “form” is collating or collecting enough energy to “Rise”.

Words are such funny things. They remind me of wooden blocks. Giving a description to thoughts and feelings that really have no form about them…. yet I have become accustomed to using them the reflect or symbolize colors within myself that are as elusive as shadow. My “muse” at times stumbles over the limitations of wordy constructs… especially in English, a very limited language.

The Creative Void has its own peculiar landscape, with directions and textures, smells, weather of its own. All I know of it is that I have to let go of everything I think is “real” including this construct I have created called “Self”. Self perception is eerie…. and mostly a deceptive construct I create about myself and defend. In the “Void” that construct has no meaning, is no longer something I can wield or use to guide me from one step into the next. The journey into this Void is unmapped and relies on my willingness to Risk. I have a relatively high margin for risk taking, but sometimes the journey calls more upon my Courage and sheer Guts. It is a time that I strip myself naked, pull on my big girl boots and spurs…because one never knows when they will come in handy – kind of like a pocket knife. I then lean forward and let go…. I am not at all comfortable with freefall…..but that is how I grow my wings….

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