Of Seahorses and Diving Deep…

I recently learned that the Seahorse is one of my ruling signs, having been born in the beginning of the month of March . A welcomed seasonal time of rain and of warming soils after the frigid hold of winter. It is the first month of the Roman Calendar due to the arrival of Spring, of Worm moons, and the movement of migrating birds to their northern breeding grounds.

I never had a thought about seahorses. Never. I live deep inland, in a landscape formed by volcanoes, at the edge of the high desert of the Intermountain West. A friend of mine had surprised me with a mailer from the United Kingdom that held a small exoskeleton of a seahorse. A small creature she had found somewhere in a trinket shop, and had given it a safe place in her home for decades.

I had mixed feelings upon opening the package and pulling this small, dried seahorse from its wrapping. It lay small and light in the palm of my hand, and I pondered the meaning of the arrival of this small creature in my Life … after all, it had just traveled across an ocean and thousands of miles over land to reach my opened palm. Sacred Geometry, Holy Synchronicity.

The exoskeleton is exquisite to look at. They are considered a species of fish strictly due to the fact that they breathe through a set of gills, and have an air bladder for ballast in the water. They are found in shallow coastal waters, and due to their limited mobility, lead lives within a small home range. I have learned that they are voracious feeders, mate for the life of the one, have excellent eyesight and are masters of the art of camouflage… intriguing features of such a small creature. It is the male of the species that is impregnated by the female and carries the offspring to term .. they birth thousands of young each year. How crazy is THAT? The seahorse I received is a male.

The symbolic meanings of the seahorse are both intricate and diverse with mystical significance among the Ancient Greeks, Celts, other European seafaring folk and Asians. Their attributes include: Patience, Friendliness, Protection, Inflexibility, Perspective, Generosity/Sharing, High-Perception, Persistence, and Contentment. Wow, what a mix of qualities! They are considered to be a relatively calm, and mild-mannered creature that amble about to roam the seas with patience and contentment.

So what does this little creature offer me? It offers ALL of its attributes to my Journey at this time. A good ally to have nearby while I dive into the depths of Self, of Possibility, of Vision, and the release of my own Medicine in this fragile time of Turning to Heal not just myself, but also our World…..Namaste.

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