The Artistic Process in Montage.

It takes hours of work to create a single photographic montage. I work with all of my own pictures, taken in Nature at one time or another. I carry a small camera with me most places, and my partner often will here me say “I’m going out to take some pics….just look at that sky (moon, lighting, birds winging by etc)” while donning my coat and hat. Most of my photographic elements are taken right in my own neighborhood. For example, this is my most current piece for my montage series “Gaia”. I plan to create symbolic visual art pieces that depict the emergence and transformative processes we go through as true human beings while on this planet. This piece depicts our final journey here…..being transformed back into the Earth after death.


The piece is comprised of a total of 7 different photos.. and does not include the days of construction it took to create the paper mache skull. The final product may look simple to inCollage_20180126_081659752

to the viewer, but I clock in hours, days to create a single piece. I utilize multiple photo editing programs to edit photos, create transparencies, combine colors, cut, layer and blend them to the desired effects. I hope you enjoy my work. My work will be available as cards and small posters on my Etsy store FoxMtnFolkArt this spring….. stay tuned!

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